Monday, December 14, 2009

An owl has landed!

An owl arrived this afternoon with a rather large package from Emma Wigworthy. The poor owl had long trip! I gave him a few owl nuts for his hard work and am letting him perch with Puck for the night, since it's cold and rainy here.

A little Montrose Magpie pride on the box:

A Montrose tote bag and note from Emma:

I can't believe all these little presents fit in the bag!

A mini-sock and doubleknit magpie bookmark:

A tatted bag and wee soap:

Absolutely gorgeous black lace mitts and wimple (like a smokering), accented with tiny pearlescent beads:

Three kinds of dairy-free chocolates, licorice flyers, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and real English Breakfast Tea, in a tiny tin replica of the visitor's entrance to the Ministry of Magic:

A wonderful new book to teach me how to make self-patterning yarn:

A fun pattern for matching hat and mittens (and I really need some mittens!):

Beautiful autumn-y yarn:

And the tote bag and matching notebook, perfect for taking notes at the next Quidditch practice:

This whole kit is above and beyond amazing! Thank you so much Emma!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No sheep for Pandora!

It looks like my spoilee is getting spoiled rotten this term! She already knows she's getting an awesome tote bag, because I had to make sure the fabrics were just right. But she doesn't know about the goodie I picked up from the local craft market, nor the special items that will be sheep-free (and alpaca-free) that are coming soon. Lucky girl! She doesn't know about the amazing patterns I've picked out for her (yes, plural!) or the other little things that will find their way into her kit. Ah, ignorance is bliss!